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Convert Wealth Into Income

It's time to make your wealth work for you and create a reliable source of passive income.

The Brisco Income Fund is a fund-of-funds investing in a diverse portfolio of private lenders and is designed to generate consistent cash flow. Brisco mitigates risk with exposure across multiple funds, and pays monthly dividends, converting savings into income.

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Brisco Investment Group

Brisco Investment Group is a private fund manager focused on providing high yield, cash-flowing investments to our investors. Founded in 2012 by Peter Spiro, our prior real estate, wholesaling, and private lending funds have all delivered consistent returns to investors over the years.

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Brisco Funding LLC - This was our first private lending fund which was formed in 2012 and operated until 2020. We initiated loans to fix-and-flip developers. Investors invested on a note and were paid 8% interest with monthly payments for the life of the fund.

Brisco High Yield Fund LLC - This was another private lending fund and our first Reg D offering. It was run in parallel with Brisco Funding from 2015 to 2020. Investors earned an average of 8.75%.

RJJ Wholesalers LLC - Reg D offering where we generated yield from real estate wholesaling. We returned an average of 10.7% IRR to investors with quarterly dividends.

RJJ Cornerstone LLC - Multifamily real estate transaction in Montgomery, AL where we generated a 15.4% IRR for investors, 5 year hold time.

RJJ Meadows LLC - Multifamily real estate transaction in Montgomery, AL where we generated a 15.1% IRR for investors, 4 year hold time.

RJJ Timberchase LLC - Multifamily real estate transaction in Birmingham, AL where we generated a 14.3% IRR for investors, 2 year hold time.


Deep Due Diligence

Our leadership team dedicates significant time and effort to thoroughly investigate every deal and partner we add to our fund. Our diligence process goes above and beyond what most investors are able to perform, saving you time and instilling confidence in our commitment to each opportunity.


We understand the importance of having "skin in the game." That's why the fund manager personally invests as a Class A investor alongside our investors in every deal. This co-investment approach assures you that we fully support and believe in the deals we bring to our investors and that our interests and yours are fully aligned.

Asset Management Expertise

We deeply value the trust and confidence our investors place in us. That's why transparency is paramount in everything we do. We believe in fostering strong relationships built on open communication and providing our investors with clear and comprehensive statements. Our team is always accessible, ready to address any questions or concerns that may arise. 

Diversify Your Portfolio Through A Fund Of Funds

Fund of Funds (FOFs) are favored by small-scale investors seeking reduced risks and enhanced opportunities. Investors choose FOFs to access expert wealth management services and specialized knowledge instead of directly investing in securities or individual funds. FOFs enable individuals with limited capital to participate in diversified portfolios with various underlying assets, which may be inaccessible to average retail investors due to minimum investment thresholds. FOFs conduct thorough due diligence on their target funds which aims to verify the expertise and track record of portfolio managers, maintaining quality and providing assurance to investors who entrust their funds to professionals.


During a period when attractive income plays were rare, Brisco Funding was able to provide a reliable income stream with appealing return rates.  If income is your thing, Brisco also offers the diversification that alternative investments can provide to your portfolio of assets.

—Nicholas C.

  • What is the minimum investment?
    The minimum investment in Brisco Income Fund is $50,000.
  • What is the initial lock-up period on this fund?
    After 1-year we provide best-efforts liquidity and allow investors the options to redeem their shares within 90 of written notice.
  • How often will I be updated about my investments?
    Investors will receive dividend payments monthly and account statements quarterly.
  • Do I need to be an accredited investor to invest in the fund?
    Yes, our fund is currently only open to accredited investors.
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Brisco Investment Group | Convert Wealth Into Income | Investment Company | Fund of Funds | Accredited Investors


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